QiPress free Download for windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 || 2021

Overview of QiPress free Download for Windows:-

QiPress is a lightweight software application that aims to help you display key presses on your desktop. The program is able to reveal any key pressed through your keyboard, including standard toggles (Number, Caps, and Scroll Lock), mouse buttons, as well as modifiers (Win, Ctrl, Shift, Alt).

Portable running mode:-

You can drop the utility on portable media devices, take it with you, and run it on the target system without administrative privileges. Uninstalling it requires only simple deletion operations, as the tool does not write entries to your Windows registry.

System tray running mode:-

Qi Press can be found in your system tray and you can access its features via right-clicking on its icon. A transparent window displays keystrokes pressed with the mouse button. The panel doesn’t get in your way, because you can click through it.

Customize the main display:-

The utility allows you to use various customization tools to change the look of the window that reveals the monitored information.

You can change the background color, modify the opacity, specify the maximum number of characters and their width, apply a fading in and out effect, as well as change the size and color of the text.

In addition, you are allowed to select the items to be displayed in the window, i.e. standard keys, mouse buttons, cursor controls, function keys, and other options. Plus, QiPress lets you apply cursor halo (disc, horizontally or vertically), crosshairs, or spotlights.

An overall efficient keyboard monitoring app:-

Overall, QiPress accommodates a number of smart features under its hood to help you view keystrokes directly on your desktop, and the software is useful for recording product demos, presentations, and screencasts.

Note: The free version can only be used in non-commercial environments. To get additional features and use the application for business purposes, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version (you can try the Pro version for 240 seconds using the dedicated option in the tray menu of the application).

Mouse Features – Text and Graphical Display:-

  • Not only are mouse clicks displayed in the Keystroke Display panel, but there are also two ways to graphically display the mouse and its clicks on the screen:
  • Visual Mouse – Mouse icons are the modern way of displaying the mouse that follows the cursor on the screen, and shows all mouse actions on the screen – left, right, middle, X1, and X2 clicks, when up, down, left, right. Not only are the size and opacity customizable, but so are the colors of each button!
  • Visual Mouse – Rings is the traditional method, where rings are shown for each button that is clicked. Size, opacity, and color are customizable.

Marketing Features:-

  • On the main keystroke display panel, you can add text (and specially format it) that is displayed permanently with live keystrokes. You can add more than one text, which cycles through the display for a period of time that you set.
  • Logobug – Like TV channels, Logobug adds an image (supports transparency in PNG images), perhaps your company logo, to any part of the screen. Visible even when you’re live streaming – it’s a pro!

Graphic Designer Features:-

  • Cross-Hair – Very useful for the pixel-perfect line-up of things horizontally or vertically.
  • Mouse Coordinates – Show the exact position of the mouse pointer (X, Y coordinates), and pixel color (HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, or CMYK formats).
  • Make any window on your screen “always on top”, never hide behind other windows, useful when you want to use some image for reference.

Presentation Features:-

  • Scribble directly on screen, 8 pens, each pen customizable for color, thickness.
  • Cursor Halo allows the mouse pointer to be clearly visible on the screen. The Spotlight feature darkens the entire screen except the area around the mouse.
  • Hide keystrokes with simple hotkeys while typing passwords.
  • Enlarge a portion of the screen (this part uses the OS tools – why reinvent the wheel).

Geeky Features:-

  • Allows pasting into Windows Cmd prompt using Ctrl+V.
  • Wrap the mouse movement around the edges of the screen (moving to the very left or right of the first or last monitor, makes the mouse jump to the other end; same with up/down).
  • Disable accidental activation of CapsLock (and NumLock or ScrollLock if you wish).
  • Set a timer to turn off your computer (after the estimated time of your big download, maybe?).
  • Customizable shortcuts for computer operation (sleep, hibernate, power-down, …)
  • Show timer and clock in keystroke display.
  • Qiffeine to prevent computers from sleeping.
  • Typing sound when pressing keys.
  • Keep an eye on how much you use the keyboard.

Very light on your Computer:-

It is a portable application (<2MB), does not require installation (useful on computers that users do not have administrative privileges).
A very clean and compact interface takes up minimal screen space yet offers a detailed display of what you do with your keyboard or mouse. Goes out of its way when you don’t need it (hides or walks away, your choice).

Technical Data:-

File Name QiPress free download.zip
OS Requirements Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.
Language English
Official Websites http://aalapshah.in/
 Author aalapshah
Post update on 27/00/2020
License free


QiPress icon

Qipress free-download


Important Note:-

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Changelog information:-

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